The energy efficiency of our plants is particularly important to us. In the past, SAFED systems were already equipped with the latest available, future-oriented, energy and consumption-optimized solutions. We are consistently pursuing this path.

We support you with our many years of experience in the planning of new plants or in the optimization of existing plants. The savings in terms of energy and media consumption that can be achieved for you in this way bring you noticeable cost reductions. You also ensure sustainable, environmentally friendly and resource-conserving production in the interest of our future.

The diagram shows you where there is potential for increasing the energy efficiency of your plant:


In-process heat recovery I

  • Heating of washing emulsion by waste heat utilization of the oil bath cooling  
  • The savings potential for cleaning systems is up to 70% (with continuous production).

In-process heat recovery II

  • Waste heat utilization of the oil bath for drying.

Immersion oilbath

  • In addition, the endogas consumption is further reduced by immersion oil baths.

Optimized wall insulation

  • High-quality insulation materials such as microporous insulation materials allow a reduction of energy losses due to lower surface temperatures.
  • Thus a reduction of wall losses of up to 20% is possible.


Intelligent and energy-efficient heat treatment with SAFED systems:

ecoBOX - Reduction of the inert gas consumption