Mission statement

Our mission statement

We would like to be known by our customers as a committed and competent manufacturer and service provider for heat treatment plants, who understands the way of thinking and acting of his customers.

TTo achieve this goal we identify ourselves with the following values:

  • OPEN-MINDEDNESS: We keep an open mind towards new products, markets and thoughts. We interact with each other and with our business partners in an open and honest manner.
  • ADVANCEMENT: We understand change as a chance and an incentive to develop further our skills, services and products. The foundation for advancement is a dynamic organization and ongoing training of our employees.
  • LEARNING FROM MISTAKES: We are open about mistakes and learn from them. Our constructive culture of dealing with mistakes is an important contribution to innovation and success.
  • PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: We set ourselves challenging goals and thus we shape actively our future. We act committedly and from conviction and stand behind our decisions.
  • RESPECT: We respect all people and the environment and recognize the achievements of others. Personal confidence, trust and team orientation are very important to us.